Have you identified any irregularity in your salary payment?

In California, employers may only withhold amounts from wages if state and/or federal laws allow deductions or if the worker expressly authorized the deduction in writing. Below, we will cover some legal and illegal deductions that employers can make in from your salary. For example, there are limited exceptions to Labor Code 221 that allow […]

How posting to social media can affect your personal injury lawsuit

In order to prove who is at fault in an accident, it is vital to have evidence. One of the most recent types of evidence is social networks. In recent years, we have seen how the importance of these platforms has evolved both to facilitate communication and interaction between family and friends and to act […]

Can I Get Permanent Disability Benefits in My California Workers’ Compensation Case?

Unfortunately, many workplace accidents or injuries result not only in large short-term medical bills but can be long-term or lifetime expenses. To better understand these types of cases and the benefits that employees can receive for them, it is necessary to understand the term: permanent disability. After an injury, doctors must make every effort to […]

Roadside Tragedies – Types and Statistics

The state of California is characterized by its long highways and high traffic. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the local police, car accidents and tragedies are becoming more common every day.   Although many car accidents are minor bumps, collisions can occur in various situations. Some of the more common car accidents include: Side impact […]

Everything you need to know about holidays

We are close to celebrating some of the most important and exciting holidays of the year, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. From now on, we hope that you can spend some fun time with your family and loved ones and that this coming 2022 will bring you much prosperity in all your projects. In the […]

What are the types of employment discrimination?

Discrimination is an act prohibited by United States law. For this reason, employment law covers and defines the entire relationship between the employer and the worker to prevent any act of discrimination from happening. Today, abuse and exploitation in the workplace are often very subtle, but this does not make them any less harmful. When […]

Signs that you are suffering from a head injury

In today’s blog, we want to share with you some signs to identify if you are suffering a head injury. We often receive cases in our office from people who suffered an accident, and at the time, no injuries were identified, but over time they began to feel different discomforts. This commonly happens with head […]

Time off from work

Sick time and medical leaves are benefits that some employers offer to their workers. This allows the worker to care for ill family members, attend funerals, vote, or recover from their illnesses. The most common reasons for free time are: Free time to vote: Fortunately, almost all states have outright bans on employers sanctioning or […]

What are the five most common personal injury claims?

Personal injuries can be the result of almost any type of accident, but generally speaking, the most common personal injury accidents are as follows: #1 Vehicle accidents: In 2017, 197,146 collisions between vehicles were reported. The most common causes of these accidents are speeding drivers, distracted drivers, and drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. […]

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