What happens if a worker is injured or ill from work activities when he or she has two jobs?

It is becoming more and more common for people to have two or even three jobs in order to have a better lifestyle. But what happens if a worker is injured or ill from their work activities? These types of cases are complex, but they happen with some frequency.

Ideally, if you find yourself in this situation, seek the help of a legal representative with experience in California labor laws. This lawyer will help you start the compensation claim process, and for this, he or she will need you to detail how and where the injury occurred. Then, with the help of medical evaluations from your treating physician, it will be possible to identify which conditions affected your health and well-being. Therefore, making it possible to clarify which job is the root of your health condition.

The claim for compensation can be facilitated if the doctor identifies that only one of the jobs affects the employee’s health. For example, if the person suffered a back injury and the doctor determines it was from heavy lifting. If the employee is exposed to this situation in only one of the jobs, it will be evident that that job harmed his/her health. Another example may be that a person begins to feel discomfort in their back, and the doctor identifies that it is from sitting for long hours of sitting in front of a computer. It may be that this person is exposed to the same risk in their two jobs, and the sum of both will make their situation worse.

The cases are infinite and vary by many factors. We recommend you contact us if you are experiencing an injury situation or feel that your health has been affected by your work activities. Our attorneys have defended hundreds of workers’ compensation cases and are well versed in the process of getting just compensation.

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