How posting to social media can affect your personal injury lawsuit

In order to prove who is at fault in an accident, it is vital to have evidence. One of the most recent types of evidence is social networks. In recent years, we have seen how the importance of these platforms has evolved both to facilitate communication and interaction between family and friends and to act as sources of evidence for legal cases. This type of evidence can radically change a legal case’s course.

However, social media can pose several legal challenges when it comes to personal injury claims. Those who have a lawsuit pending should be very careful when posting on any social media platform, as social media can have a negative impact on personal injury cases. Mentioning specific details of your case or revealing too many personal details about your life on social media channels could seriously damage your ability to receive compensation for your injuries and losses. This is true, especially if your profile is publicly accessible.

If you are facing a personal injury claim case, we recommend that you consult with your attorney to decide if it is appropriate to post on social media related to the case. Remember that when facing opposing counsel, any evidence taken out of context could seriously affect the case’s outcome.

To prevent opposing attorneys from using your information posted on social media, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Check your privacy settings on your social media accounts. For example, prohibit access to your information or posts to people who are not your contacts or friends.
  • Do not comment on other people’s posts. Your opponent may use it against you.
  • Avoid posting of any kind. As we mentioned before, any comments, images, etc., can be taken out of context and viewed negatively.
  • Do not accept new friend requests, especially from unknown people, as they may be people who want to seek information that can be used against you.

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