Employment law encompasses the entire employer-employee relationship. Before regulations were in place, employers took advantage of their employees to devastating results. Today, workplace mistreatment and exploitation are often subtle, but not any less damaging.

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Workplace Discrimination

A common way that people are mistreated at work is via discrimination. Both federal and state law prohibit discrimination based on protected categories. If you are a protected class member and receive different or adverse treatment because of it, you are being discriminated against.

The federally protected classes include:

– Race
– Religion
– Color
– Nation of origin
– Sex (and as a subset, pregnancy, childbirth, and all related medical conditions)
– Disability
– Age (if over 40)
– Veteran Status
– Citizenship status
– Genetic information

California state law has added these additional protected classes:

– Marital status
– Sexual orientation
– Gender Identity/expression
– AIDS/HIV status
– Medical condition
– Political affiliations
– Military or veteran status
– Status as a victim of domestic abuse or stalking
– Medical condition (cancer/genetic characteristics)
– Denial of family and medical leave
– Denial of pregnancy disability leave.

Workplace Harassment

Everyone should be able to earn a living in a physically and mentally safe environment. Sadly, workplace harassment does happen. If you have been harassed on the basis of a protected category, have been solicited or harassed sexually, have been retaliated against, or suffered verbal or physical abuse in the workplace, you need to call Blanco & Arias right away.

Workplace Theft

When most people think of workplace theft, they think of employees stealing from the workplace or their coworkers. Most employees do not realize that workplace theft can also be committed by their employer. It is common for corporations to steal from their employees in hours and wage theft. You can learn more about this particular type of workplace mistreatment here.

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