What are the five most common personal injury claims?

Personal injuries can be the result of almost any type of accident, but generally speaking, the most common personal injury accidents are as follows:

#1 Vehicle accidents: In 2017, 197,146 collisions between vehicles were reported. The most common causes of these accidents are speeding drivers, distracted drivers, and drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

#2 Motorcycle Accidents: Causes of these accidents include: speeding, dangerous maneuvers, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is estimated that up to 50,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents each year just in the United States. 

#3 Bicycle Accidents: These accidents are usually caused by a collision with a car or a pedestrian. Sometimes cyclists are to blame, but motorists need to take extra precautions because cyclists are much less protected.

#4 Pedestrian Accidents: In 2017, 5,977 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the United States. Although drivers are often to blame for many of these accidents, pedestrians can still be held liable under “contributory negligence.”

#5 Slip and Fall / Trip and Fall Accidents: This type of accident is very common and can cause minor or severe injury to a person. Many dangerous conditions like torn carpets, floor changes, poor lighting, narrow stairs, or a wet floor can cause someone to slip or trip and be injured.

Have you or a loved one been hurt?

Suffering an accident can be a terrible and traumatic experience. However, regardless of the type of injury that has affected you or a loved one, you have the right to take legal action against any person, company, or entity that is legally at fault for what happened, including private citizens, shops, manufacturers, insurance companies, large corporations, and government agencies.

If you’ve been injured in any of these accidents listed above, give us a call today.

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