Case Results

The Blanco & Arias legal team has secured financial compensation for our clients.

Don’t just take our word for it. Review some of the case results we have been able to secure.

We are ready and willing to replicate these same results for you.


Our client was rear-ended by a car, his car caught on fire causing burn injuries. We were able to recover $2 million.


Employee Kicked by a Horse

While Employed as a Horse Groomer, our client was kicked by a horse that caused him injuries to his face and teeth. We were able to recover $300,000 for his Workers’ Compensation Case.


Pedestrian vs. Auto

Our client was hit by a car at a mall parking lot. We were able to recover $1.25 million.


Neck Injury of an Office Assistant

Due to the repetitive nature of our client’s work duties as an office assistant, she suffered a neck injury. We were able to recover $385,000 for her neck injuries.


Failure to Engage in a Good Faith Interactive Process

Our client suffered an industrial injury. The employer failed to properly engage in a good faith interactive process to return him to work, and instead placed our client in a return to work program, which is not proper under FEHA.. We were able to recover $420,000.


Bar Fight

Our client was a victim in a bar fight, where the bar failed to protect its patrons. Our client sustained injuries as a result of the fight. We were able to recover $425,000.


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