Time off from work

The most common reasons for free time are:

  • Free time to vote:

Fortunately, almost all states have outright bans on employers sanctioning or firing you for missing work to vote. However, many states ask the employee to demonstrate that he does not have enough time to go to the polls before or after work, just as in other states, the employee must prove that that time off was used to go to vote. It is also common in some states for the employee to notify his employer in advance that he will take time off to vote.

  • Maternity time:

Maternity leave generally refers to time off from work before and after giving birth to a child. Under the law, a covered employee is entitled to 12 weeks of leave within any 12-month period. On the downside, this leave is not required to be paid for by the employer. Still, an employee can use accrued vacation time or paid time off (PTO) to receive their full salary while away from work.

  • Military service and reemployment rights:

While the military prides itself on serving wherever it is called upon, there is no question that a long period of active duty, outside of regular employment, can be a burden on both the soldier and his family. Therefore the government provides special benefits that compensate for the effort and sacrifice of each soldier.

  • Family and Medical Leave – Overview:

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that allows covered employees to take extended time away from work to attend to certain family or medical needs.

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