Why do you need a workers’ compensation attorney?

Workers’ compensation is a system of laws that describes the benefits and processes for obtaining financial or medical compensation to which injured employees are entitled. Workers’ compensation laws are contained in each state’s statutes and may vary somewhat from state to state. 


These laws are designed to compensate the employee injured on the job with health care and replacement income for at least a portion of their salary. Ideally, this system should be easy to use, ensuring that you can automatically receive fair benefits if the injury or accident qualifies. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t always work as well as it should, and that’s in large part because insurance companies and employers don’t want to pay workers’ compensation benefits unless absolutely necessary. In those situations, you may need the help of a California workers’ compensation attorney to obtain the benefits you are entitled to receive.


How do you know in which part of the process it is necessary to have the legal representation of a lawyer?


It depends on the severity and complexity of the case. In some circumstances, the employee has no difficulty in receiving the benefits they deserve for their recovery. Unfortunately, in most cases, the employee gets resistance from insurers or employers who seek to take advantage of the weakness or ignorance of the employee so as not to give them full benefits.


This resistance can be very overwhelming for the employee, especially if their health is vulnerable. The more serious the injury or accident, the more the employer or insurer will refuse to provide the corresponding benefits. This is the main reason why we always recommend that employees seek representation from an experienced attorney who knows the labor laws in California and who can help them receive the benefits they deserve and need.


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