All about work zone traffic accidents

Work zones are crucial for upgrading and developing our Nation’s roadways. But, these represent a hazard for all drivers, workers, and pedestrians if they don’t fill the security requirements. Unfortunately, daily changes in traffic patterns, narrowed rights-of-way, and other construction activities can create situations resulting in collisions, injuries, and even fatalities. 

Here are some impressive statistics: The number of car crashes in work zones increases every year. In 2021, 60% of contractors reported work site crashes. Additionally, in California, according to some statistics, there were 63 reported fatalities at worksites in 2014. Drivers have an increased legal duty of care when driving through work zones. Unfortunately, they are the ones who frequently suffer severe injuries and even death in these accidents. Negligent drivers who fail to follow work zone rules and cause accidents have a legal obligation to compensate injury victims. Fatal work zone crashes most often involve rear-end collisions.  

Drivers can avoid these traffic accidents by following some simple actions. The Federal Highway Administration suggests the following:

  1. Minimize distractions and stay alert.
  2. Dedicate your full attention to the road.
  3. Avoid using your cell phone, eating, changing the radio station, or other distractions.
  4. Keep your headlights on.
  5. Be attentive to the road.
  6. Pay attention to road signs.
  7. Be attentive to brake lights on other vehicles.
  8. Watch traffic around you.
  9. Merge into the proper lane.
  10. Be aware of traffic pattern changes.
  11. Don’t tailgate.
  12. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
  13. Expect the Unexpected.
  14. Be cautious and patient.


Remember, construction workers, drivers, and pedestrians are all at risk!

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