Why would a driver offer a verbal settlement after causing an accident?

After a car accident, the people involved tend to get very nervous, and everyone acts differently. Some people try to settle the case because they believe they are at fault or afraid of insurance companies. You should know that you are not required to settle a claim immediately. We always recommend contacting us directly after the accident and avoiding talking with the other party and the insurance company alone. 

Many verbal agreements are not binding, at least if you have not signed anything yet. But what happens if you verbally accept a settlement and then have second thoughts about the compensation offered by the insurance company? Well, this process, you don’t have to do it by yourself; call your lawyer to get the best legal advice. 

You should call us if you accept a verbal settlement and then change your mind. We have experience rescinding agreements. For instance, we could argue that you were not in a good state of mind when you accepted the offer. Additionally, we could also show proof of bad faith insurance practices, which could invalidate any verbal agreements given under pressure. 

Let us analyze the most common reasons why a driver offers a verbal settlement after causing an accident:

#1 Most drivers who are at fault for an accident think that offering an immediate amount to the other party gives them an advantage and allows them to pay less compensation.

#2 If the insurance company is the one offering the compensation means that they are offering a meager settlement, and they already know that your case costs much more. Refrain from following their games. 

#3 The party at fault tries to get the advantage of the nervousness and fear of the other person to get a quick settlement; sadly, this action can cause more damage because it is not possible to know a fair amount of money to compensate a person after an accident. 

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