What to do if you slip and fall in a store

Know your rights!

You can make a personal injury claim by slipping or falling in a store. Below we specify some actions to follow to ensure that your physical and financial well-being is not affected by an injury.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should seek medical attention immediately after suffering the injury. There may be no immediate symptoms, but sometimes discomfort appears over time due to the injury. If this happens, you can file a compensation claim for these damages. In this case, the medical report will be necessary to guarantee that the situation was indeed caused by the fall.

It is crucial to request a copy of the incident report from the store as soon as possible. This will be necessary to make the report to the store’s insurance company in order to obtain compensation for your losses. When proceeding with this action, we recommend that you have the support of an experienced attorney who can verify the documents. The attorney must have knowledge and experience in the laws of the state where you live because these can vary from state to state.

The compensation you receive may cover medical expenses (medications, surgeries, therapies, etc.), lost wages (if the person missed days of work due to recovery), and compensation for psychological damages (suffering). As in any compensation case, evidence is vital to proving who was at fault. Keep in mind that in order to prove that you were the victim of facility negligence, it is ideal to have photographs of the conditions that caused you to slip (spilled liquids on the floor, holes or other hazards, etc.). Another type of very compelling evidence is viewers who have witnessed the event. You can also request the store’s security camera videos. This video can provide a great deal of evidence that the responsible parties should have been aware of dangerous conditions.

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