What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Personal injuries generally leave certain negative physical or psychological conditions in the victims. In the case of even serious injuries, they can even cause the person to lose some ability to carry out their work normally or lose the facilities to live their life normally. Some serious consequences are loss of a limb, hearing, vision, or any other faculty that limits the person in different aspects of his life. For these cases, California offers special compensation known as vocational rehabilitation.

Vocational or occupational rehabilitation generally includes training, workshops, or other rehabilitation to help injured employees return to work or rebuild job skills. This benefit includes transferable skills assessments, educational courses, job search assistance, and many other vocational aids.

A vocational rehabilitation program aims to help a person with a mental or physical disability get and keep a job. It accomplishes this by helping the employee develop new skills to replace the skills they lost due to the injury. Vocational Rehabilitation coverage covers people with physical, psychiatric, and learning disabilities, and it is personalized to fit the needs of each person and their situation.

Through vocational rehabilitation, the counselor will try to identify if the victim can recover the faculties affected by the injury that prevented him from carrying out his work tasks. If the person can’t recover these faculties, it will be evaluated if he can return to the same workplace in a different role. If neither of these two options is viable, he will get help to get a new job. In the end, the goal is to help the person fit into a fulfilling career that can provide them with long-term financial support and independence. 

If you have been injured or made ill on the job, consult an attorney as soon as possible. Our team can help you learn what types of workers’ compensation benefits are available.

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