What Happens if I am Injured at a Theme Park?

Theme park rides like roller coasters, bumper cars, water slides, spinning rides, and more cause thousands of injuries each year. People injured by amusement park rides can bring a negligence claim against the park and its employees, a product liability claim against the manufacturer of a defective ride, or even both.

The most common types of injuries that people suffer on these rides are:

– Head, neck, and back injuries from bumper car rides or from being whipped around on spinning rides and roller coasters
– Death as a result of falling or being thrown from a ride
– Stroke from trauma to ligaments in the neck
– Traumatic brain injury
– Lacerations
– Broken bones, torn ligaments, and
– Drowning on water slides

What to do if you suffer any of these injuries?

If you are injured on the premises of a theme park, you should follow the steps of a personal injury case.

#1 Gather evidence: Take pictures of the scene where the accident occurred, take photos of what caused the accident from multiple angles, take pictures of your injuries on the scene, and report it to park staff. Also, try to get the information of the witness of the accident. Their testimony would be beneficial.

#2 You should request an accident report form from the park and request the information of the on-duty supervisor, as well as the staff member who prepares the report.

#3 You should seek medical treatment on the same day of the accident if possible.

#4 Call your lawyer

Remember, a personal injury lawyer can help you get your deserved compensation. Our team will work with accident investigators and medical experts to help make sure you have as strong of a case as possible.

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