We are in National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Did you know that every year, almost 217,000 children are treated for toy-related injuries? During the holidays, we invite you to prevent some injuries following the tips we’ll share with you on this blog. 

Remember, getting injuries and having accidents can happen without warning. Significantly kids can suffer injuries because of faulty toys or due to mishandling it. In 2018, The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC) reported 17 fatalities that involved toys. Most of these injuries involve children under the age of 15. Another common cause of death is airway obstruction from objects such as rubber balls, balloons, toy darts, toy food, and stuffed dolls. Finally, other injuries are drownings and electrocutions.

The most common types of toy-related Injuries are the following:

During this holiday, children’s injuries occurred because of different factors such as adults being busy because of the other activities and celebrations, and letting children have time alone with their new toys. 

– Choking: A child’s trachea is no wider than a straw. The tiniest pieces can block a child’s airways and cause suffocation. 

– Falls: bikes, scooters, skateboards, and rollerblades are the toys that often cause fall injuries.

– Eye injuries: Toys such as toy guns are one of the biggest causes of this type of injury. 

– Drowning: Mermaid tails are the most common type of toy that causes this type of accident when used in pools. 

Call us immediately if your child suffers an injury because of someone else’s fault!

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