Do California employers have to pay for hours spent training?

The answer is yes.  We get this question frequently, and the answer is that your employer has to pay. According to California law, the employer has to pay for the time the employee spends on training plus the cost of the training itself. The law also says that the employee should pay for every meeting, […]

Marital status discrimination in the workplace

Did you know that according to the Employment law in California, an employer can not deny a job because of the status marital of the person?  Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), it is illegal for an employer to discriminate based on an applicant’s marital status or perceived marital status. Some examples […]

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Personal injuries generally leave certain negative physical or psychological conditions in the victims. In the case of even serious injuries, they can even cause the person to lose some ability to carry out their work normally or lose the facilities to live their life normally. Some serious consequences are loss of a limb, hearing, vision, […]

Checklist after a car accident

Car accidents can be overwhelming; a million things are rushing through your mind but figuring out your next steps will help. No matter how safely you drive, car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. However, depending on how well you handle the accident’s aftermath, you could potentially settle your claim without major issues and recover damages for […]

Illegally fired?

Being fired is a complicated process on its own. But being fired for the wrong reasons takes the situation to another level of complexity. If you suspect that the reasons for firing you are not valid, you have the right to question it and proceed legally. First, let’s understand what wrongful termination is under California […]

All about work zone traffic accidents

Work zones are crucial for upgrading and developing our Nation’s roadways. But, these represent a hazard for all drivers, workers, and pedestrians if they don’t fill the security requirements. Unfortunately, daily changes in traffic patterns, narrowed rights-of-way, and other construction activities can create situations resulting in collisions, injuries, and even fatalities.  Here are some impressive […]

Are Latinos more at risk for injuries on public transportation?

Let’s start by looking at the context of the Latino/Hispanic population in the US. The Hispanic population in the US is growing seven times faster than other demographic groups. As a result, Hispanics are projected to be 27 percent of the US population by 2060, making them the nation’s largest minority. Due to this rapid […]

What to do if you slip and fall in a store

Know your rights! You can make a personal injury claim by slipping or falling in a store. Below we specify some actions to follow to ensure that your physical and financial well-being is not affected by an injury. The main thing to keep in mind is that you should seek medical attention immediately after suffering […]

Have you identified any irregularity in your salary payment?

In California, employers may only withhold amounts from wages if state and/or federal laws allow deductions or if the worker expressly authorized the deduction in writing. Below, we will cover some legal and illegal deductions that employers can make in from your salary. For example, there are limited exceptions to Labor Code 221 that allow […]

How posting to social media can affect your personal injury lawsuit

In order to prove who is at fault in an accident, it is vital to have evidence. One of the most recent types of evidence is social networks. In recent years, we have seen how the importance of these platforms has evolved both to facilitate communication and interaction between family and friends and to act […]