Blindness Awareness Month – Statistics and Work Conditions

October is Blindness Awareness Month! Blindness is a type of disability that means that a person has a central acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye. But how does California protect the rights of people with any eye disease?

When it comes to working benefits and Social Security Disability, there are certain factors California claimants must understand depending on their illness, issue, or condition. With blindness or low vision, it is possible to receive unique benefits based on SSI. Especially blind people are protected against discrimination in their workplace. Sadly, most people who are blind and their working age are out of the labor force because they don’t find a job opportunity. According to the American Community Survey (ACS), at least 44% of visually impaired people are not in the labor force vs. 79% of people without disabilities. Why is the percentage of blind people not in the workforce so high?

There are several reasons; the most common are:
– Low literacy among blind workers: Many don’t have the knowledge and experience that the job entry requires.
– Lack of job opportunities for people with disabilities: most businesses don’t have policies protecting workers with disabilities.
– Discrimination in the workplace: It is expected that disabled people suffer discrimination in the workplace because their limitations

This month, we invite you to search and discover all the rights of people with low vision. The state of California protects them, and they deserve to have opportunities to develop their professional careers.

Contact us; our legal professionals can help you or your loved one to get the benefits you deserve.

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